Marketing Consultation

 Need to find out more about marketing or a marketing campaign your business in running currently in-house?

When last did you get an external experts input on your companies marketing efforts?

Are you worried that you might be falling behind with the latest digital trend and tricks?

We have academic accredited marketing gurus that can provide you with important and insightful input on how you can improve your marketing efforts.

We have hands-on experience in a number of industries that allows us to provide you with an outside the box perspective on how your business can improve and grow.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools allow you to track and personalise your relationship with prospective and existing customers.

We guide you with the best CRM option tailor-made for your company that will enable you to track potential clients and build highly personalised relationships.

Above and beyond you will be able to target clients based on their past behavior and current customer life cycle. 

Analytics Tracking & Data Reporting

Strategies on paper look and sound great, but are they actually working?

We implement digital media tracking tools to collect all the data about your business and customers. See how fans are interactiong with your social media post, track how clients are using your website.

Not only do we collect data, we also process the data into visual graphs and provide you with a comprehensive written report on key insights gained and what improvements should be made.

You will be able to report the results of the marketing efforts to senior management.

Search Engine Optimisation

You have your website up and running but now comes the next challenge – increasing relevant traffic towards your website.

We assist you with keyword planning, best content practices and setting up a Google Business account to ensure you get the best ranking.

Furthermore, our services help you drive organic traffic towards your website through organic content strategies.